Möbius Morse Code SPACE Bracelet

Beautiful Möbius Morse Code Bracelet in 18 carat gold and diamonds. Easily associated with our symbolic logo sign (the infinity cross), the Möbius collection uniquely brings together the infinite energy of the universe. We are all one!


The fascinating properties of the Möbius band – its one-sidedness and one-edginess – have unsurprisingly resulted in association of the shape with symbolic meaning. Most prominently, the Möbius band is associated with the concept of infinity, because of the infinite uninterrupted paths one can trace along its single surface.


Size guide:
Determine your bracelet, necklace or ring size. Please use the size guide as reference only.

EU Size Wrist measurements (in) Wrist measurements (mm)
Extra Small 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133
Small 5.26-5.75 in. 134-146
Medium 5.76-6.25 in. 146-159
Large 6.26-6.25 in. 159-171
Extra Large 6.76-7.25 in. 172-184
US Size EU Size
10 50
12 52
14 54
16 56
18 58

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