KATEGORIE: Henri Maillardet AUTOR: Voice of Henri
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His elite creation took him lightyears ahead of his time. He was a Swiss vanguard mechanician and artist of the 18th century, who worked in London producing clocks and other mechanisms, a visionary who pushed his limits throughout his entire life.

Although his entire work was an undeniable inspiration, his artwork of reference is the Juvenile Artist Automaton. This remarkable creation had the largest and most impressive ‘memory’ ever built at the time – it made four drawings and three poems (two in French and one in English).

From past to future – the legend lives on through the brand

Our unequivocal commitment to the world of Henri Maillardet is to create the best there is in terms of jewellery and luxury collections, as well as to build a nurturing ecosystem for the brilliant creative minds of our generation, one where outstanding artists can become a powerful voice that transcends time.

The automata stand for permanent intellectual growth – they are the absolute juxtaposition between art and science, ideal and material, palpable and inspiring magnificence.

Our mission is the perpetual Return to Exclusivity – a pursuit that is inspired by the life of Henri Maillardet and that combines classical values, technological advancements and the flamboyant self expression through creative artistry and jewellery.

DATUM: 06.03.20 KATEGORIE: Henri Maillardet AUTOR: Voice of Henri


Wir machen es uns zur Aufgabe, innovative Geister, die etwas zu sagen haben, zu entdecken und zu fördern.

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