Infinity Flower Diamond Studs in 18K rosé gold

These discrete Infinity Flower Diamond Studs in 18K rosé gold and diamonds express a deep focus on spirituality, love, beauty and power.
The collection is a symbol of the Eternal Being and everything it represents, all based on faith and commitment.

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Beautiful Infinity Flower Diamond Studs in 18K rosé gold and diamonds.
The infinity symbol stands for simplicity and balance. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us.
As well our symbolic logo sign, the Henri Maillardet infinity cross represents constancy, fidelity and dedication to the important areas of our lives.
Stay true to yourself.

  • Infinity Flower Diamond and Ruby Earrings in 18K rosé gold
  • Reference code: AD_CT18EA26RG
  • One size
  • 18K rosé gold
  • 2 diamonds totaling 0.24 carats
  • Locking System: Infinity sign engraved butterfly
  • Infinity elements size: 20 mm

Size guide:
Determine your bracelet, necklace or ring size. Please use the size guide as reference only.

EU Size Wrist measurements (in) Wrist measurements (mm)
Extra Small 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133
Small 5.26-5.75 in. 134-146
Medium 5.76-6.25 in. 146-159
Large 6.26-6.25 in. 159-171
Extra Large 6.76-7.25 in. 172-184
US Size EU Size
10 50
12 52
14 54
16 56
18 58