Möbius Diamond Infinite Full Pavé Ellipse Bracelet in 18K rosé gold

The stunning Möbius Diamond Infinite Full Pavé Ellipse Bracelet in 18K rosé gold and diamonds is the sublime expression of the “Two shall become one” concept which defines the Möbius ribbon properties.

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Artists, as well as mathematicians, have been fascinated by the Möbius ribbon due to its visually perplexing one-sidedness and one-edginess, its association with infinity and its symbolic power.
The Möbius band relates to the concept of infinity, due to the infinite uninterrupted paths one can trace along its single surface and its single edge. We have the impression there are two surfaces (interior and exterior), but actually there is only one: start your voyage on one side of your Mobius jewellery and you will end up in the same place, after covering both sides of it, inside and outside. The same happens if you trace the edge, you will cover the full edge without moving from one side to the other.
Therefore, the Möbius band is associated with unity and non-duality: two sides and two edges are joined and become one side and one edge.
Because of its symbolism of infinity and unity, some couples opt for Möbius band-shaped wedding rings. The Mobius jewellery are best worn in pairs, by your loved one and you. Show your love with the most powerful symbol to your true one!
Two shall become one.

  • Möbius Diamond Infinite Full Pavé Ellipse Bracelet in 18K rosé gold
  • Reference code: AD_CT18BR195RG_M
  • 18K rosé gold
  • Size M: 751 round and baguette shape diamonds totaling 17.86 carats
  • Locking System: box clasp
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Thickness: 3.5 mm

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