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Vibrant colours to brighten an optimistic future

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The beauty of this year’s trend is that there is no wrong way to express your style, everything is allowed.

The general feeling about this year is the desire for freedom. More than ever, after the experience of the last two years of restrictions and limited activities, our deepest desire is to express ourselves and to live according to our heart. One of the most visually powerful ways to express our true self is by wearing the jewellery that really defines us. 

In 2022, we are shelving all the old styling rules and traditions, we no longer want to impress others, we choose fulfilled souls and assuming one’s own identity. We therefore are moving forward with one core idea: jewellery should be personal and bring inner joy and confidence.

Vibrant colours to brighten an optimistic future

The strongest trend in jewellery refers to combining colours, sparking joy, our major necessity in 2022. As the electric colours have been very popular for the past three years, it’s just getting bolder now, in order to highlight the power of hope and excitement about what is coming along.

Moreover, the range of many colours leads, of course, to dazzling combinations of all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones too. All these together are creating an uplifting feeling and lightness, being set side-by-side, transforming into sensational rainbow pieces that are the perfect accessory to reach for every woman. A riot of colour is the way we will succeed in 2022 to incorporate moments of light into our everyday lives. 

The Henri Maillardet World collection meets all 2022 trends regarding the celebration of colours and stones variety, as it manages through a majestic creativity to bring together the energy from all the corners of the Earth carved specially to offer distinctive jewellery pieces. All the items from this collection, rings, earrings and necklaces, are colourful statement items that can be surely worn with confidence this year.

Elevating to contemporary the chunky chain necklace

The classic appearance of the gold chain necklace is now adorned with welding ties with diamonds and incorporating semi-precious stones. The distinctive glossy gold links are considered the most stylish necks and wrist trims. The embellished chain is set to become the most laborious item in the women’s new-season jewellery wardrobe.

The best choice to represent this direction, that satisfies both this year’s trends and women’s passion for looking stunning is a beautiful diamond and semi-precious stone necklace, that succeeds in embodying the dynamism of World collection of Henri Maillardet. This piece manages to be a statement jewellery, based on gold, with chains united by brilliant-cut diamonds and also having 6 different semi-precious stones, each of them in its natural colour.  

A unique piece is the beautiful High Priestess Diamond and Emerald Arcane Necklace from Henri Maillardet High Priestess collection, with 12,89 carats of Colombian emeralds and settled in 24,92 carats emerald-cut, square and triangle diamonds. Symbolising the future to be revealed, as well as the passion for life, this one-of-a-kind piece invites women in a mysterious world, where they can feel the divine magic. More than that, the courage to wear jewellery like this one is reflecting the female wisdom, tenacity, transmitting that there are other hidden talents, awaiting to be revealed. 

Maximalism – combining different styles

The 2021 trend of having our neck, hands and ears decorated with high pieces is set to continue with a “more is more” approach this year, by mixing and matching as many styles as possible. The layering art continues to dominate the precious item universe in 2022 and the good news is that the only rule here is the freedom of the concept “no rule”, so each woman can be anything she wants, according to her inner characteristics. 

Mixing metal is on-trend, as well as layer necklaces, pendants and chains in order to create an eclectic look, thus the embellished chokers become the perfect starting point for a décolletage dripping in diamonds, fortified at the same time by adding a gold chain with talisman or a contemporary take on a “rivière” necklace.

Having this aspect in mind, it is suitable to combine a World Diamond and Aquamarine Necklace, a 76 cm length white gold amazing piece from the World collection with the Opera Deus Double Side Diamond and a Ruby Large Necklace in 18K rosé gold, that celebrates the purity and love of the faith in truly timeless jewellery and eternally elegant styles. The Opera Deus Collection fits very well in the 2022 trends, also because the talismans with different significations that can protect and bring positive energy to the wearer, having spiritual meaning, like the cross, are part of the current jewellery & fashion trend. 

With the purpose of curating a unique, individual look in 2022, women must dare mixing metals and colours, because the beauty of this year’s trend is that there is not a wrong way to express your style, everything is allowed. Creativity has no boundaries, and the specific feminine imagination can go as further as it can in order to express the real image of inner self.

DATE: 14.02.22 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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