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Best Choices for Easter Earrings

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Choose to celebrate this Easter by enjoying your soul and making yourself a special gift.

As Easter celebration is approaching, it is a wonderful opportunity to rejoice our souls, taking the opportunity to wear something precious and new. As festive wardrobes during the holidays are one of the time-honoured traditions, what can be more appropriate for a woman than an exquisite piece of jewellery, in order to feel that she is reborn alongside nature in this Spring season full of hope?  Having that in mind, let’s see some great options for Easter earrings that will certainly make every feminine presence stand out, looking charming and confident.

The short story of earrings

With its origins in ancient Asia, earrings have been popular for more than 7000 years. They signified the wealth of the one who wore it in Egypt, while in ancient Rome earrings were worn only by slaves. Greek people used to wear earrings set with pearls and other expensive stones to display their social status. At these times, the fashion of wearing earnings was present among men.

In the 13th century, due to the Catholic Church dogma banning the piercing of ears, stating that people cannot alter their bodies created in the image of God, earrings became popular mostly amongst thieves, pirates and the lower class.

After the Renaissance the rules of the Church were deterred and got different meanings. Pierced ears would be present on young boys of single mothers and on the right ear of the only boy in the family. A man who wore earrings on both ears was the last of his family line and would therefore not be allowed to participate in times of war, for fear that his family name would disappear forever.

Over time, earrings have become more and more present amongst women trends. Women choose to wear different types of earrings, having the purpose of complementing their face or accentuating outfit choices.

Dare to sparkle with your Easter earrings

The freshness of nature in Spring is a  great inspiration for a more spiritual state of being, encouraging our inner power. 

A piece of fine jewellery like the Infinity Love Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 18K white gold, will definitely help you to stand out.

Seasoning a simple casual outfit with a pair of pink coloured Easter earrings will manage to transmit the elegance of simplicity. 

Precious Easter earrings for a stunning appearance

For a glamorous look, the long earrings are the perfect choice as they also have the ability to elongate your face and neck, adding sparkle and consistency to the whole outfit you choose to wear for celebrating Easter. Colourful long earrings that combine beautifully the energy of semi-precious stones with diamond exclusivism can match for sure your new dress, inspiring a joyful spirit and helping you to feel special among your dear ones during outdoor Easter meals.

If your personality is mostly an empathic one, being the kind of women who always takes care of others,  you may opt for the warmth of Honey Quartz for your Easter earrings this year. An art-casual look will surely have a more expressive accent, if it is highlighted in emerald and diamond earrings.  So, choose to celebrate this Easter by enjoying your soul and making yourself a special gift such as a pair of earrings from the high jewellery category that will help create the festive atmosphere inside your being as well. The symbol of Easter light is especially about revealing our own identity and revealing all that is most precious to you. 

DATE: 15.04.22 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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