diamond anniversary gifts

Diamond anniversary gifts

Make her feel like a queen in your life!

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Let her know how much you value her and she will feel like a precious treasure in your life.

It’s not an easy job to choose an anniversary gift for a woman, especially when she is a special person in your life, someone very close who plays an important role for you. It is true that nowadays there are a lot of options, but that makes the decision even harder.

Every woman deserves a lot of love, appreciation and of course, an impressive gift, something amazing enough in order to surprise her and to warm her heart. The best way to express all these together is by going for diamonds, the precious stones that express more than a thousand words. 

Finding the perfect birthday gift is not easy, so take a look at the following diamond anniversary gift ideas and get yourself inspired by our proposals:

  1. One of the most inspired diamond anniversary gift is a high-quality ring. A classic model adorned with 67 diamonds, like Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Ring in 18K white gold will be the proper one. This present will express the infinite gratitude and the endless unity.
  2. For the birthday of your loved one, or a close young friend,  you may go for a very delicate piece, Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Ring – Petite in 18K rosé gold. This is a beautiful ring that can make every woman feel even more precious than she already is, giving her a bohemian state of mind, being able to express purity and innocence, deep and hidden qualities in the times we are living.
  3. For every woman, no matter the age she is celebrating, a stunning piece like a diamond necklace with a pendant will surely be very cherished, becoming her favourite diamond anniversary gift. The graceful Infinity Love Blue Sapphire Necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds is a real testimony of love and serenity. The infinity symbol stands for simplicity, elegance and balance and the beautiful heart-shaped diamonds are perfect to express such powerful feelings that are hard to put in words. 
  4. If you want to get something that really has a special meaning for the birthday woman and you know that she is very close to spirituality and has a lot of faith in divinity, the best present will be a timeless jewellery like Opera Deus Double Side Diamond Full Pavé Petite Necklace in 18K white gold. Thus, she will see that you pay attention to her beliefs and also appreciate the unique beauty of this piece, a precious interpretation of the classic cross symbol.
  5. Depending on the woman’s personality and the style of her outfits, in some cases it may be better to go for a neck-base diamond necklace. If you know that her personality is very dynamic and practical, this type of jewellery will fit better in her lifestyle, so it is on the list of diamond anniversary gift ideas.

For someone who prefers high sparkling pieces, but also the simplicity of colours, a neck-base necklace shining only in green just as High Priestess Diamond and Emerald Arcane Necklace is the right choice.

  1. If the birthday girl has very strong confidence and a high level of self-esteem, feeling comfortable to express herself, distinctive jewellery pieces like Stones Maxi Necklace will be appropriate. This necklace manages to bring together the energy of the precious and semi-precious stones carved from all the corners of the Earth and seems to be the ideal diamond anniversary gift for her.
  1. The natural beauty of the diamonds is unique, so what can be more appropriate as a diamond anniversary gift if not the Möbius Diamond Infinite Full Pavé Ellipse Bracelet in 18K rosé gold and diamonds? This one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery carries on the sublime expression of the “Two shall become one”, managing to express exactly the message of your true love and gratitude and making it the perfect present for your wife or girlfriend. 
  1. From this list of diamond anniversary gifts couldn’t be missed the Infinity Love Diamond Double Bracelet in 18K yellow gold, a testimony for joy and happiness. This is suitable for the birthday of your friend, sister or daughter, as it is a wonderful piece, a symbol of elegance and simplicity.
  2. Another great idea for diamond anniversary gifts is a pair of precious earrings. For a powerful woman, red can be the fitting colour as it means passion and fearless spirit. The proper diamond anniversary gift is definitely a pair of World Diamond and Garnet Earrings, a beautiful match among rose gold, garnet, amethyst, pink pearl and of course diamonds, that embodies joy and dynamism.
  3. Diamond studs are also a great idea for a diamond anniversary gift for the woman in your life. These discrete Infinity Love Diamond Studs in 18K rosé gold and diamonds are very representative of an endless commitment, as they are standing for the most powerful bond of humankind  – the ability to love unconditionally. They also have an amazing look, due to not less than 10 heart and round shaped diamonds, disposed in both infinity and flower shape, so they will be perfect not only for special occasions, but also for everyday wear.

Probably the reason why women love diamonds so much is because they are very similar to these precious stones. This way, just by choosing this perfect diamond anniversary gift, the woman will know you value her and she will feel like a precious treasure in your life.

DATE: 19.05.22 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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