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Diamonds are rare, distinctive and impossible to be ignored and if you choose to use them as part of a jewellery close to your heart, the power of expressing the true self is for sure on a high level.

Diamond necklaces, apart from representing amazing accessories highlighting a neckline with glittering glamour, are also transmitting a sublime message about the woman wearing it: “I love myself”. Diamonds are rare, distinctive and impossible to be ignored and if you choose to use them as part of a jewellery close to your heart, the power of expressing the true self is for sure on a high level. 

Diamond necklaces across time

Necklaces and pendants are some of the earliest personal adornments in human history, the first one dating from more than 40,000 years ago, worn for ceremonial or religious purposes. Necklaces have always been a symbol of status or wealth, and were often used as talismans.

Diamonds were often worn as part of thick collar-style necklaces and elaborate pendants in Ancient Rome and then during the Dark Ages (500-1450 AD), diamonds were incorporated into necklaces for medicinal value. Jewellery fashion has continued to evolve through the centuries, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, necklines were lowered, diamond necklaces became part of both men and women outfits.  

Then, between 1600-1700, the most prevalent diamond necklaces included simpler models as chokers and diamond pendants. The trend toward more elaborate styles and extravagant layers of necklaces was present by the mid-1800s to early 1900s when the Edwardian trend of abstract, intricate patterns applied to collar-style diamond necklaces as well. Then, in the mid-1900s, art deco styles featuring larger, geometric patterns became popular.

Everyday fantastic looks with diamond necklaces 

Nowadays, diamond necklaces can be easily worn with confidence, transforming an everyday outfit into a statement combination, without the overdressing feeling. The basic pieces of your wardrobe will instantly get a different new light by adding something so special like a diamond necklace.

What to wear for office is a constant trouble for every woman, but what about combining classic pieces with an amazing Infinity Love Diamond and Sapphire Y Necklace in 18K white gold? This is going well with any colour of your low V-neck silk dress and the infinity symbol transfers its simplicity and balance to your vibe until the end of the work schedule. 

For an important business meeting or a job interview for sure you have a smart beautiful shirt that permits inside the unbuttoned part of the neckline to fall an Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Necklace in 18K rosé gold with 40 diamonds totaling 0.79 carats. A unique piece like this stands out your creativity, making you aware of the endless possibilities and the importance of staying true to yourself.

As online meetings have become part of our lives in the last few years, the upper part of our body has become even more important than before, as this is the only possibility we have to express and to get to be known by others. So, the neck area is very visible and can help us to feel more confident by wearing an element that truly represents us, like a timeless diamond necklace, Opera Deus Double Side Diamond Full Pavé Large Necklace in 18K white gold.  Interpreting a classic symbol in a precious way, this exquisite jewellery celebrates the purity and love of faith, cherishing for a lifetime the miracle of existence. 

Diamond necklaces for celebrating our special moments

A special moment doesn’t have to be a big event or a festivity of some occasion. We deserve to live a fantastic time together with our loved ones every day, by simply spending some hours together in the best way you can, reconnecting to what really matters and fulfilling your soul wishes.

Having that in mind, you don’t have to wait until your friend’s wedding to wear your favourite diamond necklace, like the High Priestess Diamond and Emerald Intuition Necklace. You have the possibility to integrate it into a smart-casual outfit, together with a black blouse, green jacket, jeans and high heels, when you are going to dinner in a wonderful restaurant with your group of friends. Your feminine presence will rise to the divine, sending out mystery and passion.

Long walks through the city admiring the best promenade places are welcomed as we spend long hours in front of our computer or smart-phones. A casual and comfortable look doesn’t have to be a dull one, so in this case you can opt also for one of the most colourful diamond necklaces, like it is the World Diamond and Semi-Precious Stones Maxi Necklace. By embodying the joy and dynamism of nature, a piece like that can bring you the energy and positive attitude for a pleasant time spent outside. 

To conclude, we can say with certainty that the capacity of becoming the central element of every outfit and totally conveying the attitude and character of the wearer, gives to diamond necklaces a timeless value hard to be explained or simply seen, the precious feeling of being enough. A woman wearing one of a kind glamorous piece of jewellery like a diamond necklace is positioning herself in the centre of her Universe and endless opportunities are opened for a brilliant future.  

DATE: 31.03.22 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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