Diamond Jewellery in Casual Attire: How to Mix Exclusivity in Your Daily Outfits

How can you dress up a clean-cut look? With diamond jewellery, of course.

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How can you dress up a clean-cut look? With diamond jewellery, of course.

We’re lucky. We live in a time when – almost – anything goes. We’re free to wear what we want, when we want it. This means that the old rule about only wearing diamonds in glamorous outfits can easily be reinterpreted. 

Because here’s the thing: if a diamond engagement ring can be worn every day, why should that be any different for a statement diamond necklace, a pair of delicate diamond earrings, or a nicely paired set of gorgeous diamond bracelets you’ve been meaning to take out? Haven’t you heard? Saving anything for a special occasion is a thing of the past, too.

Yes, you absolutely can rock diamond jewellery with your daily outfits. From office wear to casual attire to a gorgeous cocktail party dress, the floor’s all yours. But that shouldn’t mean not paying attention to how you choose the jewellery that complements your look. Learn how to mix and match – and then let diamonds add a sense of glamour to your daily life.

The precious diamond, the most famed and fabled of all gemstones, is renowned for being simple and elegant, offering that hint of sparkle we all know – as well as being the hardest substance on earth. Many associate diamonds with engagements and weddings, but there are many fashionable ways to wear them that have nothing to do with an event. Luxury shouldn’t always mean formality, after all. Jewellery is meant to be worn.

Luckily, diamonds are immensely popular, and there’s an abundance of choice from numerous jewellers who are coming out with daily options for diamond lovers. Everyday outfits can be instantly transformed into statement ensembles when styled with – that’s right – diamonds jewellery. But, if you still find it out of place to wear them with casual clothes, we have some tips.

Paired right, you can easily wear your diamonds with confidence, without overdressing.

First, the essentials: if your style is classic, opt for simple, clear diamonds, and keep to just a few pieces. Go for classic diamond stud earrings or small diamond hoops, a watch with diamond accents, or an elegant pendant. If you’re more on the creative side, feel free to mix diamonds with other colourful semi-precious stones, and wear a solid colour outfit against which the diamonds can show to maximum effect.

Before choosing the accessories, though, consider the neckline, the sleeve length, and the colour of your garments. You want to make sure everything works together. A v-shapedV-shaped necklace falls effortlessly inside the lines of an unbuttoned shirt. At the same time, a fabulous diamond choker pairs well with a scoop neck top and low neckline. This combination is guaranteed to make your neck look long and slender.

Next, create appealing layers with necklaces, bangles, or rings – only if that’s your style. For necklaces, try different lengths, shapes, colours and textures, and include your favourite diamond necklace. But, remember: the more elaborate the diamond cut, the more subtle your clothes should be – let the diamonds do the talking! Diamonds tend to go well with dark shades, which make them stand out.

When matching a necklace to your neckline, there are a few simple rules: a diamond drop necklace sitting above your cleavage goes well with a low v-neckedV-necked outfit, a long necklace looks great over higher necked clothing, and a rounded necklace pairs perfectly with a scoop. Sometimes it can be a good idea to go without a necklace. For example, not having one to detract from your earrings can be a smart choice.

For bangles, and bracelets, you can pretty much let your imagination run wild, but be careful with tennis bracelets – they add a retro touch to an outfit. Tennis bracelets look best on the wrist when you’re wearing shorter sleeves. And, just like rings, you can always stack them, creating a look that’s perfect for day wear, whether you’re at the office or out socialising.

Then there’s the case for stacking diamond rings. Generally, rings can be mixed, matched and stacked in all sorts of interesting combinations, but stacking multiple diamond rings on one finger creates an incredibly interesting look. Just make sure each diamond cut is different in size and shape, so the rings don’t blend into each other and end up looking like a single, chunky piece.

Stacking rings add a lot of versatility to your looks. You can mix and match them as you please and create slightly different looks each day, and you can even choose to wear just one or two simple stacking rings for a more minimalist look on some days. Plus, there are so many options – from rings paved with small diamonds to gold rings with embedded diamonds!

If you’ve accessorised with multiple pieces, though, remember that enough is enough. (We know that’s hard when it comes to diamond jewellery!) Drawing attention to your neckline with a gorgeous statement necklace? Maybe skip the armful of bangles. Wearing a pair of bold earrings? Then your necklace should be subtle. Work out the focal point, and make sure other accessories don’t detract from it.

Speaking of earrings, don’t you find it can be all too easy to forget about them, or wear the same pair of stud earrings for weeks on end? It really shouldn’t be this way, though. Earrings are in the field of vision of anyone talking to you, after all. Aim to choose earrings that frame your face and complement your features. For example, select a colour or finish that is likely to be visible, depending on your hair colour.

As for diamond earrings, they pair incredibly well with most outfits. Diamond earrings add a touch of class to any look, and match everything! Some claim they add a vintage touch; but most will agree that diamond earrings are timeless. For an everyday style, wear diamond stones as earrings. As the evening comes, feel free to add some sparkle and movement and go with dangle earrings or small (or large?) hoops.

Can diamond jewellery be a matter of mixing and matching?

Here’s a suggestion: put on a basic outfit and try it out in front of a mirror together with various pieces of jewellery. Try different combinations of jewellery designs, and add in different accessories like scarves, bags or watches. Start with a single focal point with a statement piece, then mix, match, stack, and layer.

Take into account what normally works with your colouring, frame and general sense of style, but don’t forget about your personality. It should shine through in terms of the jewellery you choose and how you present yourself, and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with to vary the look of even the most simple outfit. There are no actual hard and fast rules; you mix and match to suit your style.

The most basic pieces will almost always look transformed into something special with the right jewellery and accessories, and this holds particularly true for diamond jewellery. If you’re wearing bold clothing it may be a good idea to go with smaller, more subtle jewellery pieces as highlights, but don’t shy away from statement necklaces and earrings to bring basic outfits to life.

If you’re worried about mixing diamond jewellery with more casual clothes, our advice is don’t be afraid to think big. A white turtleneck can be the perfect neutral backdrop for a diamond pendant, and a cosy sweater can be paired with an opulent necklace. But, if minimalism is your thing, go for those diamond and white gold earrings you love, and don’t worry about what others will say. (They’ll probably say, “Wow!”)

The important thing is to look like yourself, rather than everybody else. Dressing up and accessorising with jewellery should be fun and personal to you, because your style is about who you are. If that’s a diamond lover, great! Most pieces are designed for versatility, so don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your looks. Or a lot. It’s whatever you like!

DATE: 29.10.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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