Combining Classic Lines with Flamboyance

Every micron of happiness and every lesson learned reflects on our jewellery.

CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri

They are not just body adornments. It is every micron of happiness and every lesson learned.

Adorning the body with jewellery crafted out of the most precious metals and stones ever discovered is considered to be the purest symbol of expressing power, knowledge and status, since the early beginnings of The World and The Humankind.

Over millennia, jewellery has witnessed the creation of the future, the great rise and fall of the most powerful civilizations and dynasties. It has given and taken the definition of power from countless royals which have made the history that we know today. All of that, with a power which still has secrets even for the modern human mind.

Au contraire the expectable definition of contemporary jewellery is shaped by a distinct awareness of the situation in which it exists, being able to transcend the past, while it is transforming the future.

Geometric Symbols of our Feelings

Transcending from its past definition, exclusive jewellery is the signature of life celebration and has the ability to empower the women to their fullest potential, regardless of their past and future. The eternal power of diamonds has the capacity to neglect the existence of time, giving the one who wears them the grant of everlasting life.

Exclusive jewellery is full of intrinsic and sentimental value, while it has the gift of immortality, can be dressed up or down and it gives a special meaning to the most precious moments of our lives. 

From creation to eternity, we are delighted to present you four essential adornments for the elite woman:

We believe that, if feelings would have the power to materialize, they would choose to emerge into the most exquisite jewellery which humanity has ever had the pleasure to see. Until that moment, we created The World Collection, so that you can experience and enjoy the precious touch and geometry of your memories.

The World is yours to have

With the power given by the most exclusive jewellery encapsulated in the Henri Maillardet World collection, there are no limits left to conquer.

The World Tarot figure is male and female, above and below, Nadir and Zenith, suspended between Heaven and Earth. It is looking behind on the past while the body moves forward, fully understanding the world around. It is the underneath and the above, and it encompasses the wisdom of every piece of information we gathered. 

The Henri Maillardet World collection brings together the energy of the precious and semi-precious stones carved from all the corners of the Earth to offer you distinctive jewellery pieces. The brilliant cut diamonds are symbolizing the tenacity arcane wisdom in our every attempt at beauty. The entire jewellery collection is designed for the modern woman set to conquer the world, while maintaining their femininity and grace.

Suspended between the Heavens and The Earth, with neo-classical inspiration enriched with courageous surrealistic accents, the exclusive jewellery collection stands for cosmic consciousness: the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe. There is no question of source or validity – her knowledge simply “is”.

DATE: 09.12.20 CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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