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Infinity in Jewellery

The history of an eternal symbol

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Two shall become one and dive into the perpetuity as a whole.

Also known as boundlessness, infinity represents an unlimited extent of space, time and quantity, and it is commonly used as a unit of measure for the level of love that we share with our dearest ones. Even though it is a wide used concept and we are quite accustomed to the idea of it, infinity still represents one of the most desired, but abstract concepts that the human mind has ever discovered.

Eternal Symbol of Twisted Ubiquity

Even though the discovery of the Möbius ribbon is independently attributed to the German mathematicians Johann Benedict Listing and August Ferdinand Möbius in 1858, a concept similar to the Möbius ribbon can be seen in one Roman mosaic dating back to III century A.D., from the ancient town of Sentinum, picturing Aeon (a Hellenistic deity associated with the concept of Time) with Zodiac.

Aeon is also venerated as the “Master of Light”, representing eternity, the endlessness of time, the succession of centuries associated with a circle that represents the Universe and Zodiac. Contrasting Chronos (the other Hellenistic deity associated with Time), Aeon is pictured as the empirical time divided into the three dimensions of past, present and future, twisted together in a single, uninterrupted path.

The mosaic of Aeon and Zodiac mosaic is the most ancient imagery known of the Moebius strip, and this gives it a high artistic value and gains a scientific and technological value which has been underestimated so far, symbolizing the complex relationship of time and space in the universe. 

Infinity Jewellery Inspired by Mathematical Brilliance

Visually perplexing, the Möbius ribbon is the most elementary non-orientable surface, represented by an infinite twisted loop. Artists, as well as mathematicians, have been fascinated by the Möbius ribbon due to its visually perplexing one-sidedness and one-edginess, its association with infinity and its symbolic power.

Due to its own capacity of fooling the human eye, the Möbius band is often associated with a method of creating the illusion of magic. The Möbius ribbon is connected to one magic trick, known as the Afghan bands, very appreciated in the first half of the twentieth century.

The concept of the Möbius band, representing the uninterrupted paths of infinity, has been the highest inspiration of our Möbius Jewellery Collection. Courageously, we aimed to materialize the eternity of the universe in one-of-a-kind luxury body adornments. The precious and unique infinity jewellery items are created with the idea of infinite love in mind and are the purest love declaration of forever.

Love to Infinity and Beyond

Looking at one Möbius ribbon, we have the impression there are two surfaces (interior and exterior), but actually there is only one: start your voyage on one side of your Möbius infinity jewellery and you will end up in the same place, after covering both sides of it, inside and outside. The same happens if you trace the edge, you will cover the full edge without moving from one side to the other.

Therefore, the Möbius band is associated with unity and non-duality: two sides and two edges are joined and become one side and one edge, just like two souls that are meant to celebrate their entire existence together.

Because of its symbolism of infinity and unity, the Möbius band-shaped rings are considered to be the most unique wedding rings. The Möbius jewelleries are best worn in pairs, by your loved one and you. Discover the Möbius Jewellery Collection and choose to show your love with the most powerful symbol of eternity!

DATE: 13.01.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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