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Infinity: The significance of the symbol in jewellery

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Infinity is much more than an alphanumeric character, it is a feeling, an emotional state.

Jewellery stands for more than beauty and brilliance, they convey emotions and carry with them a lot of hidden messages and unforgettable memories. Whether you offer it as a gift to your loved ones or purchase it for yourself, jewellery has a special meaning and manages to awaken a variety of feelings.

The symbol of infinity is frequently present in jewellery and tattoo art, and it is also very popular in fine arts. No matter if you wear a necklace with an infinity pendant, have a tattoo or have a painting suggesting the sign of infinity, you certainly feel like you are discovering a secret message behind that piece of art. Infinity is much more than an alphanumeric character, it is a feeling, an emotional state.

What does the sign of infinity represent?

If your curiosity was triggered and you want to know more about the sign of infinity, we will first tell you where this symbol came from and how it was originally used. Derived from the Latin word “infinitas”, which means “boundless”, the way we acknowledge the infinity sign during modern times was discovered in 1655 by the mathematician John Wallis.

The sign of infinity was present in many old paintings, but it never had the meaning of “infinity”, until the mathematician John Wallis used it with the sense we know today. In 1655, Wallis used this symbol to denote mathematical infinity, an infinite potential amount of values.

The mathematical significance has been maintained until now. The symbol, its shape, it is also called a lemniscate. In algebraic geometry, the notion of lemniscate can refer to any of the curves in the shape of 8 or ∞, the best known of which is Bernoulli’s Lemniscata, named like this in 1694. Lemniscate is derived from a Latin word meaning “adorned with ribbons”, which makes sense because this symbol looks a lot like a bow. The shape of infinity has no end or beginning, similar to a circle, and is divided into two equal halves, comparable to a couple or a friendship, hence the interest of using it in deep, intense declarations of love.

The sign of infinity expressed in jewellery

In addition to its use in mathematics, the symbol for infinity is also used to embody several abstract concepts. The symbol is commonly used as an expression of eternal love. The symbol of infinity implies that the bound will last forever. For this reason, many people choose to engrave their wedding rings with the symbol of infinity, to signify that their love story will never end.

The symbol is not only used for expressing romantic love, but also for any kind of love. If you bought a necklace with an infinity symbol pendant or a bracelet for a person you care about, this may symbolize that your friendship is forever.

They say the sign of infinity is split into two sections to portray two individuals, two elements or two aspects of the same person. This turns it into a great gift for couples. The shape has no beginning or end and can be symbolised in many ways, from the wings of a butterfly to two separated, but connected tears.

The sign of infinity is an elegant symbol, that is why it is so often used in the art of jewellery. Without beginning and end, the symbolism is more than obvious. A gem with the sign of infinity becomes a statement of everything that means eternal, forever, unconditional and endless – in a relationship or for your true self. When a piece of jewellery is not a testimony of love or loyalty, symbolism can be the commitment that you will adhere to a certain concept forever – like you will always be honest to yourself, you will always put yourself first and so on. This is the reason many people opt for their jewellery in the form of “∞” or tattoo this symbol, to always remember the promise made to themselves.

At the same time, the “∞” symbol can have the meaning of hope, confidence, and balance. The parts of this symbol are identical, equal, which represents the harmony between masculine and feminine, light and dark, good and bad, water and fire and so on. 

Given its strong significance, infinity jewellery is not only the perfect present but also the ideal item in order to complete your jewellery collection. Match this symbol with your own clothing style and you will have an elegant and timeless accessory, which can even play the role of your lucky charm or act as a symbol of unconditional love, not necessarily between you and another person, but for self-love.

While a ring may be seen as a symbol of love and commitment, by combining it with the sign of infinity, the jewel acquires a very special meaning, a story that can be proudly spread forever.

A jewellery with the symbol of infinity can be a pendant, ring, or a pair of earrings, with or without precious stones, and can be worn regardless of clothing style. Here are some of the jewellery with the infinite symbol on that can become your talismans of confidence and strength:


DATE: 14.03.22 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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