Layering, Mixing Metals and 3 More Trends in Wearing Luxury Jewellery

Trends, by nature, come and go; but some really do cross over into being long-standing and dependable.

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Trends, by nature, come and go; but some really do cross over into being long-standing and dependable.

Whether you’re looking for your very first piece or adding to an ever-growing collection, investing in luxury jewellery is not something to be taken lightly. Pearls, diamonds, and lustrous gemstones all draw us in like moths to a flame and have the remarkable ability to override our head in favour of our heart. It must come as no surprise that many luxury jewellery acquisitions are passion purchases. And who can blame us?

But while it can’t hurt to give a little thought to the intrinsic value of a piece, you shouldn’t compromise on looking for something that suits your personal style. Sure, there is the myth that buying luxury jewellery means buying only simple, timeless pieces, but it’s simply not true. Invest in luxury items that are a reflection of your personal taste and the trends you identify with, and you’re guaranteed to be happier with them.

We looked at what experts in the space have to say to help you navigate the biggest luxury jewellery trends of the moment – and beyond. There’s a certain irony in calling a trend “timeless”, so we won’t. Trends, by nature, come and go; but some really do cross over into being long-standing and dependable, and we have a good feeling about the ones on our list. Here are, then, 5 of the biggest trends in wearing luxury pieces:

Layering luxury jewellery

Layering is nothing new, but all the attention it’s getting lately? That’s new for sure. 

The trend encourages pieces of different sizes and shapes to be styled together in creative ways. We’re even seeing multiple metals layered together to create more of a statement look, but more on that later. Layering is generally great fun and allows for great combinations of pieces, from necklaces of different lengths and sizes to stacking bracelets or even cocktails rings. But how do you get it right?

If you’re layering necklaces, pick your intended focal point. Think about where you’re comfortable with people being drawn to, then pick your first (and shortest) chain. It could be a long chunky pendant necklace to draw someone’s eye further down, or a choker to bring more attention to the neck area. Then, you can start building out from there. 

Mix small links with larger links and gold with silver if you’re feeling daring or go for a long pendant necklace and a chunky chain for a young, effortless vibe. Make sure to vary necklace length, since necklaces of the same length will tangle easier. You also want them to be the right length to fit the neckline you’re wearing. Go for long if you’re wearing a deep V-neck, for example. 

And, whether it’s necklaces or bracelets you’re layering or stacking, remember: if unsure how much is too much, 3 may well be the magic number. Carefully choosing 3 different bracelets or necklaces can be an easy and effective way to curate a look and make it and out. Ready to start? Our Möbius collection is perfect for stacking bracelets in several sizes and shapes.

Mixing Metals in Luxury Jewellery

The question on everyone’s lips: can you mix metals? Of course, you can! Mixing metals is very much on the rise, and no wonder. Keeping the same metal throughout may be classic, but there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that mixing metals gives to an outfit that we can’t resist! You just need to create the right balance. 

The main trick is to mix metals in all different locations. Don’t wear all gold earrings and necklaces when all your rings are silver. Instead, go for a mix of silver and gold rings, earrings and necklaces, to balance out your look beautifully. The only rule? Stick to similar styles, don’t mix both metals and feminine and chunky styles.

The first place to start when choosing jewellery for your outfit would be the colour. Would you prefer the jewellery to stand out, or coordinate with the tones of your clothes? Pay attention to your neckline and skin tone, too. If you’re fair skinned, steer clear of rose gold as it accentuates the pink undertone of your skin. Silver, however, makes fair skin look more radiant. 

Gold, rose gold, and silver jewellery all look amazing on dark skin tones, but gold really highlights its warm undertones. If you have olive skin, you can pick whatever you like. And, if you’re wearing a high-neck top, make sure that the necklaces stand out against the colour. 

With earrings, make sure to pay attention to your makeup. If you’re wearing a warm-toned eyeshadow or have bronzed skin, you can’t go wrong with gold earrings. If you’re going for silver eyeshadow and a pink blush, silver would be the best choice. 

As for rings, try to go for an equal amount of each plating for a more balanced look. An accent ring of a different colour or featuring a few colourful gemstones, such as our Möbius Blue Sapphire Full Pavé Ring – Petite in 18K white gold, would also stand out in your stack.

Chain Link Jewellery

Whether worn solo or layered together, chains are a jewellery must-have. 

Chains are cyclical, after all. They have come and gone for as long as we can remember. Just like hoop earrings, chains are a classic unlikely to go out of style. Elegant and contemporary, a chain bracelet or even an oversized chain necklace are the perfect addition to any look

Chain links really do capture an industrial chic and defiant spirit we can’t stop glancing at. And yet, the style seems to have had a bit of an upgrade recently. The classic, usually delicate chain link jewellery we all know and love for everyday wear is suddenly… bigger! 

Barely-there strands are being replaced by new, oversized styles that create the perfect statement look. Entire collections now feature large gold chain necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, to help you upgrade even the most basic of outfits with a fresh approach to the chain link trend.

Chains may be continuously refreshed through mixed metals and a larger scale, but one thing’s for sure – they’re probably not going anywhere this time either. 

Colorful Jewellery 

Colour-inspired jewellery has been a huge trend in recent years. Bold pieces with eye-catching, multicoloured stones are a great way to make a statement, mix well with gold and silver, and improve our mood (and our outfits). 

Pieces are created with intention and are meant to bring the wearer a sense of inner peace, positive energy, and connection to the world around them. The crystals are also believed to clear away negativity and create a greater sense of internal strength, while also elevating any look.

Across luxury jewellery there has been an enhanced focus on positive, uplifting pieces, too, with strong engagement towards novelty shapes and symbols. Playful shapes and fun designs that encourage optimism are sought-after, especially after everything we’ve had to deal with lately.

Colours can have a profound effect on our emotional landscape – elevating, stimulating and inspiring us through beautiful, often unusual combinations. The vibrant juxtaposition of gemstones coming together is, therefore, here to stay a while.

Why not add some colour to your jewellery box? Start your colourful collection with our Möbius Emerald Full Pavé Ring – Petite in 18K rosé gold if green is your colour, or Möbius Pink Sapphire Full Pavé Ring – Petite in 18K rosé gold if you prefer pink. 

We have even taken the colourful jewellery trend to a whole new luxurious level. To celebrate the purity and love of your faith with the most precious and finest stones, why not choose our Opera Deus Double Side Diamond and Ruby Large Necklace in 18K rosé gold?

Floral Jewellery 

Floral jewellery has never really gone anywhere. The flower is one of jewellery’s most timeless and feminine themes, making floral jewellery one of those ongoing trends we never got tired of. And, let’s be honest, we probably never will.

Flower motifs have been an integral part of jewellery design for centuries, and the biggest jewellery houses in the world continue to treat flowers with reverence. And no wonder! Flowers are timeless, beautiful things that can be worn by every age and style, making florals perhaps the most enduring motif in jewellery. 

When people buy luxury jewellery, they want to wear it for years, so no wonder the floral motif is often the perfect choice. From simple to defined by a plethora of rainbow-coloured gems, flowers can be found everywhere in jewellery. The shape also lends itself incredibly well to collections.

Our Infinity Flower Collection is a symbol of the Eternal Being and everything it represents, all based on faith and commitment. The Infinity Flower Diamond Necklace in 18K yellow gold pairs perfectly with the Infinity Flower Diamond Earrings in 18K yellow gold and the discrete Petite Infinity Flower Diamond Studs in 18K yellow gold. And have you seen the silver and rose gold set?

Check out our design jewellery and high jewellery collections to get inspired. 

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