Out of the Blue: Tanzanites and their spectacular role in Jewellery Design

Exclusivity is as much about quality as it is about scarcity. Especially when it comes to gemstones.

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“Great art picks up where nature ends.” Marc Chagall

The exceptional conditions in which one of the rarest gemstones were created by nature, over 585 million years ago, inspired the outstanding design of our most unique and exclusive jewelry collection so far. Dive into the exotic lush blue and let yourself embraced by “The Beauty of Zürich”.

Exclusivity is as much about quality as it is about scarcity. In 1967, a Maasai tribesman made a discovery that was going to dramatically change the history and economy of Tanzania, as well as the map of the World’s most precious gemstones.

From the heart of the Mererani Hills, a few kilometers away from Kilimanjaro, these extraordinarily rare gems surfaced just a few decades ago. The journey of tanzanites from soft grounds to statement jewelry is a kind reminder of nature’s giving heart.

The Story Behind the Exotic Lush Blue

The story of the exotic lush blue gemstones starts from deep inside the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, on the wild peaks of Tanzania. The gemstone with only a single known origin has become one of the most alluring and seductive precious gemstones of our times. 

The color of the rare stones varies from lush blue to mystic violets and purples. 1000 times harder to find than diamonds, Tanzanites are often characterized as an exclusive geological phenomenon. Geologists have found out that the circumstances that led to the creation of these precious gemstones, almost 600 million years ago, were so exceptional that the likelihood of finding tanzanite anywhere else on earth is one in a million.

Tanzanite Jewellery is extremely treasured, both for the gem’s rarity, as well as its beauty. Known as trichroism, their way of shining in different spectrums of color is highly unique. This particularity completes our vision of eclectic jewelry with the heterogeneous nature of the gems incorporated in them.

It is widely known that heat-treating tanzanite at very high temperatures can improve the blue shades. While most gems on the market have been treated in this way, the tanzanites that have not been heat-treated and have a natural strong blue color are higher valued. Due to its limited availability, the value of tanzanite looks likely to soar over time, unless a new source is found.

Tanzanite – The Gemstone of a Generation

Tanzanites are considered “The Gemstones of a Generation” due to the limited quantities available in the Tanzanian mines near Kilimanjaro. At the current rate of exploitation, it is estimated that the available supplies will be depleted within the next two decades. We are considered to be the last generation privileged with the ability to buy the stones from the primary market before the Tanzanite supply is exhausted.

With the discovery of the precious Tanzanites, the history of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry changed forever. The amazing gems that captured the hearts of many represent the centerpiece of many of the most desired and expensive body adornments in the entire world and deeply inspired many high-end jewelry designers. 

As seen at the Royal Ontario Museum

Among all the jewelry art pieces, one particularly captured the eye of everybody on earth, due to its royal connections and its bond to the home of Tanzanites – The Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara. The jewelry piece which features a resplendent hooded king cobra has a 242 carats faceted tanzanite, one of the largest in the world, which represents the heart of a sinuous pattern created using 803 tsavorite garnets and 913 diamonds. 

Tanzanite Jewellery – Embodying the Beauty of Zürich

During the last decades, Tanzanites have become the symbol of accumulated wisdom, authentic purity, and, with a bit of creativity in jewelry design, an emblem of true passion. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us in a journey of appreciation for these exquisite rare gems. In each drop of blue wonder we added to our latest High Jewellery Collection you will find an incredible story told by the extraordinary tanzanites which decorate our creations with purity and timeless beauty.

Rigor and passion harmonize together perfectly in the design of our newest Beauty of Zürich collection, featuring violet-blue precious tanzanites with the brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds evoking purity and timeless beauty. The magnificent 22.67 carats tanzanite earrings and necklace set are embellished with an entourage of 36.49 carats of brilliant and baguette diamonds, completed with unique black and white ceramic design elements.

The name of this exclusive collection is dedicated as a token of appreciation to the beautiful Swiss city which is our home, the heart of artistic innovation of the Henri Maillardet World. We associated the vibrant colours of our unique tanzanites with the spectacular blue of the Zürich Lake, the beautiful symbol of our city. It is pure joy to uncover and celebrate together nature’s riches and treasures through our eclectic collections sparkling with unique creations and we are looking forward to bringing art closer to you. Join us and discover our world by letting yourself embraced in the Beauty of Zürich!

DATE: 22.01.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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