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Reinterpreting Wedding Jewellery - 3 new approaches

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The wedding day is said to be one of the most important days in a woman’s life. Every bride to be dreams about this magical day throughout her entire life and meeting THE ONE only shines that everlasting light over her once again. Everything has to be perfect, all the details must be on point in order for the bride to feel truly beautiful and to fully enjoy that one of a kind moment.

It is only natural that wedding jewellery become pieces of high importance for every bride – and they are symbols of that day forever, not just adornments for a few hours. On our wedding day, we want to express love and to show an open heart that faces a lifetimes next to the one that makes it whole.

Standing out or toning down – the perfect choice in wedding jewellery

According to the current trends regarding bridal jewellery, extraordinary designs are the most successful ones. Impactful, complex pieces, with modern decorations are at the top of their popularity. They enhance the charisma of the bride, speak out on behalf of her personality and give her that sense of exclusivity that she longs for and, quite frankly, deserves.

Our Star Collection is the best match for a bride that wants to wear extravagant adornments. It is the perfect fusion between nature’s heart, surrealism influence and a modern approach to high jewellery. The tradition of wearing something blue on the wedding day is also something to think about. This magnificent set of earrings and necklace features stunning violet-blue tanzanites embraced by brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. Something blue, something timeless and something royal – all in one set of jewellery.

This set would make the perfect choice for the eclectic, unconventional bride and wedding.

Statement emerald wedding jewellery for confident brides

Geometric gem cuts are everywhere today and that is because they reflect a modern way of thinking and lifestyle. The modern bride would not shy away from wearing emeralds on her wedding day – and why would she? Our High Priestess Collection opens up a magical world where the female figure dominates everything. Mystery, power, wisdom – they come together in every piece of jewellery in this collection.

The emerald is also one of the most fashionable gems of all time, recommended by fashion curators and designers for daily wear as well as red carpet events. When it is an integral part of a complex set of statement lines and diamonds, an emerald becomes a must-have piece for a modern bride with a confident attitude.

Imagine the number of combinations that can be created with the necklaces and earrings from the High Priestess Collection. Their neo-classical foundation with a twist of surrealism makes every piece ideal as wedding jewellery, while the stars of the show – the emeralds – will always have a great contrast with the purity of a wedding dress.

Wedding jewellery – always better in gold

The sublime character of gold will always be fashionable, especially in fine jewellery. Nowadays, brides can choose from 3 gorgeous versions of gold to fit the tone of their skin and style: the classical yellow, the elegant white and the pure rose. 

Modern brides that want to feel royal, keeping a sense of simplicity as well, are invited to get inspired by our design jewellery collections. Trough these creations we crown love and beauty, combining gold with precious stones – keeping in mind that nothing says I do like a diamond. 

Even if your daily style is more discreet and simple, we know that on your wedding day you will want to express the joy that you feel inside on the outside. Purity can be expressed through diamond jewellery, as long as the symbols are aligned to your delicate appearance.

Our Möbius Collection meets the wishes of future brides through an ideal symbol: infinity. Brides can choose a mix of bracelets, rings and delicate pendants to say I will love you forever on their wedding day and the rest of their life together with their loved ones. And many couples choose to wear matching wedding bands from the collection – you can even go for the gold ring without diamonds for the groom.

Wedding jewellery are aimed to express a special kind of emotions, perfectly complementing the white dress and the vibrant . Progressive and exceptional designs add sparkle and elegance to a bride’s overall look. Precious stones add a touch of symbolism to the statement you make on your wedding day and even the type of gold you choose to wear accentuates the message you want to express. Say Yes to being yourself next to someone forever.

DATE: 03.08.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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