Surrealism in Jewellery

A trending vibe translating modern times

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The art born from the deepests corners of the human mind is magically paving the way toward a mysterious and eternal beauty.

The virtue of True Beauty rises from its own scarcity. Such as the hypnotising effect of True Beauty, Surrealism is not meant to be understood, but to challenge the mind of humankind. Surrealism gives a state-of-the-art and inconsequential definition to what is known as time and space. Timeless values feature a unicity of expression that is worth the attention of every generation. 

The Art of Hidden Thoughts

The concept of beauty is shaped by the mind of each individual, but the subjective human eye can be educated to understand deeper meanings. Meanings hidden in every object of creation we come across. Surrealist artists use the technique of bringing to light their darkest thoughts, born in the unconscious. The resulting surrealist artwork reflects the hidden part of the human mind. All the while awakening strange mixed feelings in the eyes of the beholder.

It was born in Europe from the aftermath of World War I and highly influenced by Dada (a movement in art and literature based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values). Surrealism represents a movement against the rule of “rationalism”. The highest purpose of the surrealist art is to completely unify the conscious and the unconscious realms of experience, in order to merge the world of fantasy and the everyday rational world into “an absolute reality, a surreality”.

Surrealism aims at completely antagonizing the concept of classical art or anything related to what is thought to be the rational world.

It completely liberates the mind from the pressure of contemporary dogma. The art movement represents a fantasy key to the door that opens the irrational world inside the human mind. And is not meant to be understood, but simply admired.

Surrealism Vibes in Modern Jewellery

For the time being, surrealism is considered to be more than a form of art, but a trending vibe translating modern times. A concept of giving up self-consciousness while unleashing the deepest thoughts. The surreal appeal of modern jewellery echoes the strangeness of today’s reality that we live in.

Surrealism-inspired jewellery is disobedient and outrageous, creating the perfect evasion from the modern quotidian. Wearing surrealist jewellery is associated with a one-of-a-kind charisma, vibing boldness and courage of self-assuming not to be understood and cherished by every individual.

The symbols of surrealist body adornments are going beyond the limits of human imagination. They give out the flair of the fantasy world, a sense of wonder with profound meanings. Surrealism imprinted on jewellery aims to take back to surface the unsolved mysticism of our past. All the while lighting the path and shaping our yet unwritten future.

Chasing the Spirit of Surreal Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as much as it is an aesthetic category, but elegance is the only form of beauty that never fades. Our neoclassical inspired jewellery collections – The Möbius Collection, The Infinity Flower and The Infinity Love and the latest Beauty of Zürich, rediscover the universal values of the classical lines. We bring them into the present through courageous Surrealistic accent. Not mere objects, but undying pieces of art that transcend time through inherited value and unicity of expression. 

As we very much cherish the luxury and flamboyance, only the highest quality materials and precious stones have been used in the process of crafting the artworks. We did so in order to express the exclusivity of the surrealism-inspired jewellery collections.

Here, in The World of Henri Maillardet, we provide the platform for a nurturing ecosystem where surrealist masterworks will invariably shine on, always qualified to help the modern women feel unique and unstoppable in reaching their highest ambitions. We engage in chasing the spirit of the surreal beauty in order to capture it inside our unique jewellery masterpieces.

DATE: 01.01.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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