We are inspired by the expressionist mindset - we believe in exacerbated aestheticism and the values it transmits.

CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri
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We embrace Surrealistic values as an artistic movement of the pure and eternal liberty of thought – a manifesto for the Elite.

Instead of being disrupted by the duality of art and technology, we embrace them both and make them to work for the sake of Beauty and authentic values of times to come. We are inspired by the expressionist mindset. We aim to take it further, with a Surrealist twist featuring elements of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and the creative subconscious roaming freely.

It is the premise of Surrealism that certain forms and associations are superior, from the ever so powerful oneiric suggestions to subconscious associations that would seem unfitting at a first glance.

Our mission as a brand is to earn the trust of a refined audience by curating, assisting and guiding their pursuit of exclusivity.

We aim for The Extraordinary. It is common for people to set goals and expectations for a good performance. The ambitious and skilled even dare to aim for the best. Not us. We position ourselves above. We aim for the extraordinary.

True artistic pursuit transcends its creator, the time it was created in, and becomes exclusive. It is immortal through the meaning it brings into the world, and it occurs so rarely that it is perceived as unique and of utmost value.

It is our vision that the best taste in art, jewellery, horologerie and luxury lifestyle can be united and promoted under one single umbrella.

The very idea of exclusivity points toward the impossibility of its coexistence with anything similar. It is ‘a state of catering for or being affordable only to the select few’, a veritable mark of perfection.

DATE: 06.03.20 CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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