The Henri Maillardet brand emerged as a celebration of the exclusivity in art and luxury lifestyle pursuits, revealing authentic values transcending time and temporary fashion.

CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri
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We aim to bring together, through our brand values, people who are committed to making aesthetics their lifestyle.

Returning to Exclusivity. We believe that the best of what the world has to offer through any generation is perpetual – the immortality of values makes for a combination of unique artistic outlook and a layer of innovative execution that promotes awe-worthy creation, giving it the spotlight it deserves.

Our Return to Exclusivity is not just the perpetual value we aim to look after. Being one of a kind is merely a sine qua non condition for any work of art, and not the sum of its consisting criteria.

We believe that an umbrella of art meeting luxury lifestyle is what best describes us. The mysticism of past values along with modern interpretations and surrealist twists in the process of creation allow us to come up with an unmatched series of pieces of art (being it jewellery, watches or pure art)

A choice as well as a path forward. Henri Maillardet is not about products. It is about the entire lifestyle of the chosen few who combine the luxurious experiences of life with meaningful expressions of artistry. Regardless of the form art takes, exclusivity is always the result of a purification process ended with a sealed, coagulated essence.

The return to exclusivity is a coronation of the humankind’s most valuable ideas, reinterpreted in a modern fashion. It is building on archetypes to create new meaning. The Arc of Noah marks the world’s first return to exclusivity as a result of purification, a choice as well as a path forward.

Luxury meets art. Exclusivity has taken different forms throughout history, from paradigm-specific to visionary. We take the essence of evolutionary wisdom and bring it to the 21st century.

True exclusivity is not just about the surface, nor does it just refer to the financial aspect. Rather it represents the place where luxurious lifestyle meets values that transcend time. Exclusivity is as much about quality as it is about scarcity. Welcome to Henri Maillardet world!

DATE: 06.03.20 CATEGORY: Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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