The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Cuts in Design Jewellery

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If choosing a diamond feels like an art, imagine what it feels like to decide how to cut it.

Beauty implies innovation, in a matter of speaking. We believe that one can embrace innovation by choosing jewellery that stand out. Like a fine ring or bracelet with a diamond cut that fits not just aesthetically, but also in a symbolic way.

Modern. Sleek. Must-Have – Discover the Diamonds in our Möbius Collection 

Have you ever wondered what the colour or metal used in your jewellery says about your own personality? 

By and large, gold is a symbol of family and love. The union between two souls is highlighted by engagement rings. An organised, sophisticated, charismatic person with high lifetime ideals will always choose luxurious and minimal jewellery made of gold. Here, at Henri Maillardet, we’ve crafted the most amazing pieces of jewellery with exquisite diamonds that match your extraordinary personality and beliefs.

Our perfectly shaped Mӧbius jewellery collection is made entirely of 18k gold. This beautiful collection represents unity and love. Now stop and wonder: why has this special, infinite ribbon shape become a symbol of affection? The entire collection is carefully designed with the “Two shall become one” concept in mind, as the apparent two sides and edges of each jewellery meet in an endless loop. Most of the pieces, designed in white, rose and yellow gold, are traced with delicate diamonds that make them scintillate when worn.

Diamond Cuts are Royal 

Diamond cuts are what give these rare gems their sparkle, as they bring to light different angles and facets. This is one the reasons why diamonds are so expensive. They are meticulously polished and cut with well-established proportions and perfect symmetry between the facets. In short, diamond cuts are geometric figures. 

A diamond is evaluated under the 4Cs. GIA is the first organization that has created a “globally accepted standard for describing diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Today, the 4Cs of Diamond Quality are the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world.” A diamond’s cut is the most important as it gives the precious gem the ability to reflect and refract light.

Moreover, a diamond cut also has a few rating grades that, once established, contribute to its extraordinary beauty, brilliance and value. To find more information about the diamonds’ grading system implemented by the American Gem Society, you can read the AGS Diamond Grading System guide. Since shapes and cuts have various forms, no diamond is exactly the same. Each one is uniquely crafted. When you’re choosing a piece of jewellery, you have to take into consideration these 4Cs and decide which one best suits your expectations.

Most Popular Diamond Cuts of all times

Diamonds are truly unique. Each one of them reflects and refracts light distinctively. This is the reason why, despite the fact that rings, bracelets, necklaces, or other types of jewellery have the same design, they are different in terms of brilliance. Tiny details like cuts make them an exclusive delight. Traditionally, the art of cutting diamonds requires advanced skills, scientific know-how, finesse, and accuracy of using the specific tools of the trade. The final diamond cut goal is to produce a faceted jewel where the specific angles between the facets would optimise the diamond luster, that is dispersion of white light, whereas the number and area of facets determine the weight of the final product. Most diamonds have 56-58 facets cumulated from the diamond’s crown and pavilion, but some might overcome 70 facets.

The Round Brilliant Diamond Cut

Round brilliant refers to the diamond cut technique that uses the facets angled against each other. This type of cut works similar to the kaleidoscope effect that reflects “surfaces tilted to each other at an angle, so that one or more (parts of) objects on one end of the mirrors are seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end, due to repeated reflection,” notes Wikipedia.

This type of shape is the most popular among diamond classic engagement rings. The round diamonds have perfect symmetric facets making it incredibly shiny and the most wanted type of diamond cut in the world. 

Special Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Oval, pear, marquise, trillion, or heart cuts, are some of the more playful diamond cuts. These are preferred by people that look deeply into the fashionable aspect of jewellery and the effects they have when worn. For example, if someone chooses to wear an oval, marquise, or pear diamond ring, the big gem can create the illusion of a thin and longer ring finger. If you want to choose a special diamond cut like these, you must know they tend to show warmer colors in their light reflection rather than the immaculate brilliance of a round diamond.

Emerald and Asscher Diamond cuts

A diamond emerald cut looks like an octagon. It requires less precision and attention to fine details, and it can be classified as a mirror effect with a sleek appearance. This type of cut masks colors and makes the diamond surface look like it has step facets.

While the emerald cut has a rectangular, octagon shape, the Asscher cut is square. Emerald has smaller step facets and Asscher is cut with larger ones. It also has a smaller table and higher crown, making the diamonds even brighter than the Emerald ones. 

The Princess Diamond Cut

Princess is not only the name of a popular cruise ship. It is also the name of an important diamond cut that bundles square edges and round brilliant cuts to create an extraordinary jewel. The princess cut is a sharp, modern, square diamond shape. It hides color inclusions and sparks beautifully.

The Cushion Diamond Cut

When we refer to a diamond with cushion cuts, we refer to how the 58 facets and extra facets are interconnected, and the reflected rainbow color effect. The cushion cut is similar to the round brilliant one, due to its square-rounded, soft shape that looks like a comfortable little pillow. Cushion diamonds are preferred by most celebrities for their simple and elegant look.

The Radiant Diamond Cut

With straight edges and cut corners, the radiant cut diamonds successfully combine emerald and round brilliant cuts. The radiant shape is impressive and a radiant diamond has 70 faces on the crown and pavilion, which makes it an excellent, dazzling choice if you are looking to add a spectacular piece in your jewellery collection.

Infinite Beauty in the Möbius Diamond Jewellery Collection

1. White Gold Ring with Rounded Diamond Cuts

The Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Ring is made of 18K white gold and has a balanced number of 67 exquisite diamonds. A white gold diamond setting is durable, scratch resistant, and it is a perfect fit for any fair or even rose skin tone. The beauty of this ring is given by the rounded diamond shape of each diamond, which in the end gives you the impression of a continuous sparkling line.  

2. Rose Gold Rounded Bracelet

The Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Round Bracelet is made out of 18 K rosé gold. As it is a perfect, infinite loop, this bracelet model comes without a locking system – it defies infinity. The hue complements your inner beauty and makes any public appearance a personal statement. It comes in various sizes, totalling from 324 up to 366 diamonds, all locked in together, giving the spark and radiance of a luxurious yet sleek piece of jewellery. Rose gold is a romantic metal that symbolises love and adds style to every skin tone.

3. Yellow Gold Bracelet with Box Clasp Locking System

This amazing bracelet is a Möbius Diamond Full Pavé Ellipse Bracelet made of yellow gold. A total of 209 diamonds summing up 1.62 carats give your style a soft and brilliant touch of elegance. Little diamonds that stick together in a pavé line are durable, as they are individually set and still give the impression of unity, continuity and stability. If your skin tone is darker or olive, yellow gold will match perfectly. This type of gold is the most popular metal and the purest color of them all.

Discover the Möbius Collection and analyze the quality of each diamond’s 4Cs> cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Let us help you choose your new, handcrafted jewel to compliment your beauty.

Precision. Symmetry. Perfection

In a perfect balance with design jewellery, High Jewellery involves precious, rare materials, genuine gemstones and a spectacular design that goes beyond usual accessorising. Obviously, this type of jewellery is even more valuable, a true investment on the part of the ones that choose them. High Jewellery is to jewellery what Haute Couture is to fashion: creating jewels, by hand and custom-made by craftsmen with exceptional skill, who use traditional techniques and tools. Furthermore, each diamond is unique and brilliant, with fine and precise diamond cuts that interact with light and make it truly extraordinary. 

We invite you to discover the feeling of wearing the perfect match in terms of adornment and value in our collection. We combine art, beauty, and design into the most personal messages delivered in the form of jewellery. With certified materials and the finest diamond cuts, we’re always welcoming you with a glass of champagne and a touch of inspiration in our space.

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