What Does It Mean to Return to Exclusivity?

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Exclusivity is the best word to define the main purpose of curious spirits.

You are here because you are one of the selected few that continuously aspire to be more. More authentic, more interesting and more interested in the way the World works and how their ideas transcend time and generations. You become exclusive by always wishing to be involved in stories that matter, that create change – stories that shine through the matrix of history. 

Exclusivity applies to your choices. Your style, your jewellery, the people you surround yourself with, what you read, what you explore, where you travel – each part of your life not only defines you, but it places you in an era. You might not have lived in it, but you can definitely be a part of it. Just like Henri Maillardet did not live in a technologically outstanding era, but he defined his own place in the future through his inventions. The core of our brand, consequently, is made of meaningful choices, movements and inspiring actions that impact the future. 

The Foundations of Exclusivity: Inspiration, Beliefs and Values 

The condition of creating art and beauty is to be able to speak through the resulting work. What you create can generate one of a kind emotions that can be lived now and over the years by the next generations. This is the reason why, throughout history, exclusivity has been perceived in different manners, from being the trait of things that are affordable by only a few, to representing everything that is valuable beyond access. 

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Every generation has the mission to take the best from the mystic past and to give it further in an improved way. Continuity is built only by managing to mark our passing through this world by adding a layer of innovation and modern execution over the inherited values and treasures of the Earth.

The first act that symbolizes a true return to exclusivity is considered to be the construction of Noah’s Arc, because it was built in order to make peace with nature while improving life. It is a symbol of renewal for the few in order to transform the many – those who accept such a significant change, of course. 

Returning to exclusivity, for us, means to have the capacity and the power to build on archetypes in order to give them new meanings, creating a special connection between tradition and contemporary. 

The perpetual return to exclusivity is a coronation of the humankind’s most valuable ideas, reinterpreted in a new and creative way, consolidating a permanent intellectual growth. The inspirational life of Henri Maillardet determined creators driven by innovative ideas to combine classical values, technological advancements and a flamboyant self-expression through creative artistry. 

The primary idea of us, the Henri Maillardet brand, was a mix of expressionist and surrealist visions, as our jewellery are distinguished by their exacerbated aesthetics.  Designed to express an emotional experience, they are meant to be heard and seen by people like you – who seek exclusivity. 

Imprinting Surrealism in High Jewellery Henri Maillardet
Imprinting Surrealism in High Jewellery – Henri Maillardet

We connect artistic views, technical thinking, love and modern elegance to create something unexpected. A surprising mix of seemingly incompatible trains of thought.

Exclusivity is What You Feel When You Go from Jewellery to Glamorous Experiences

The Surrealist state of mind converted in modern interpretations is a mark of exclusivity. We can look at the strange times we live in through the even stranger surrealist mirror and see the World in our own, unique way. Wearing Surrealism-inspired jewellery reveals a clear desire for exclusivity, as well as an extravagant and nonconformist character. 

The kind of personal experience that is sought after by wearing adornments from our collections is one defined by revolt, desire to create change, to be different, to impress and make a mark. There is exclusivity in accepting these desires, this escapism.

When you feel that the jewellery you choose is unique and draws its value not only from physical traits, but also symbolic charge, surely you will feel free from wishing to be admired by others. Your charisma will come from knowing what you stand for.  

Returning to exclusivity, for our brand, means managing to access a permanent juxtaposition between art and science, ideal and material, palpable and inspiring magnificence. The past values along with modern and surrealist twists allow us to come up with an unmatched series of special pieces expressed as jewellery or pure art.

Exclusivity is the result of a purification process that ends up with a sealed, coherent essence of evolutionary wisdom. True exclusivity does not refer just to financial power and high costs, nor is it just about the superficial appearance. It is the perfect mix between two complementary traits: innovation and uniqueness.

DATE: 30.07.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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