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Diamond Jewellery reflect their greatness in the brightness of the beholder’s eyes. They have become the most desirable adornments of all time because of their power to reflect our self confidence and self worth.

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Diamond Jewellery reflect their greatness in the brightness of the beholder’s eyes. They have become the most desirable adornments of all time because of their power to reflect our self confidence and self worth.

Beyond being precious stones, diamonds have a breathtaking quality – they are real miracles judging by their billions of years of history alone. They are the gift from our planet, shaped with patience by artisans into a statement of power and tenderness.

Moreover, they possess a deep cultural significance and a spiritual energy that are meant to bring benefits to our present and future society. The spark of a diamond can soften a heart and, even if just for a short while, it has the ability to keep you grounded in the present moment. It brings out a relaxing sigh for a split second as you behold its magical light.

The shining evolution of diamonds – a spark throughout history

The birthplace of diamonds is believed to be Golconda, a city in India, where the original discovery was made by the Dravidians during the Indus Valley Civilization sometime in the Bronze Age, between 2500 and 1700 before our age.  

The first recorded and written knowledge of diamonds began to appear in Sanskrit texts, being claimed to be used as a currency or source of revenue and described as the most desired and sought after possession in Indian culture. In European history, diamonds became truly remarkable after the year 327 BC, when Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, invaded India, and he returned to Europe with diamonds from the region for the first time.

Diamonds started being used in jewellery after the year 1074, when the queen of Hungary had her crown decorated with diamonds. Over the next thousand years, diamond jewellery began to make their mark on our history, being used by royal families and powerful leaders in exchange for sealing an alliance or expressing their loyalty.  The diamond industry boomed, with mines being revealed in new countries and continents around the world every year.

Modern Diamond Jewellery – a passion for being distinguished

Diamonds are still the most desired, sought after possession and are considered to be the precious stones above all others. Wearing diamond jewellery has become an act of standing out and proving value, especially among the elites, such as royals, public figures or high net worth individuals. New knowledge about its different properties and ways of handling them has also sprouted during the last couple of decades. which led to creating a new level of perfection.

Modern diamond jewellery are inspiring not just for their size and their colour, but also for the unique character given to the ones who wear it. Important stones of this nature tend to be laced in history, woven into tales of powerful individuals that were destined for greatness. Everyone’s secret desire is to be observed, to be appreciated and admired, to gain the respect of others and to be part of the distinguished class of the ones who afford diamonds. 

Moving from traditional jewellery forms to high jewellery, here at Henri Maillardet we create unique pieces of High Jewellery with the help of skilled artisan. This allows us to offer completely new designs by using traditional diamond cuts, extending the role of diamond jewellery to glamorous storytellers. It is important to note that today diamonds are not just assets but also symbols of exclusivity.

Wearing Diamond Jewellery as pieces of contemporary art

There is a quite a diversity of diamond cuts, in different forms, structures and sizes in order to satisfy many tastes, preferences, occasions and personalities. Each of them has a unique charm and those who appreciate diamond jewellery understand that they are not only about the perfect faceting and brilliance, but also the history and spirit of the gem as well. 

Today, women as well as men are enjoying the sparkling beauty of this precious stone, which seems to bring a positive state of mind. Its eternal beauty reflects on the face of the wearer and the beholder alike, creating light, space and a feeling of freedom that can’t be recreated with other means.

The Henri Maillardet Infinity Flower and Love collections are based on the infinity cross symbol which is of course enhanced by the beautiful brilliant cut diamonds. The infinity symbol adds an accent of complexity and makes every piece of jewellery wearable in casual occasions as well as special ones. The brilliant cut diamonds harmonise with the rigour of the perfect shape in which it is placed.

When it comes to diamond’s symbolic value, one of the most known one is the one carried by the engagement ring. In this case, the diamond is more than just an aesthetically pleasant stone on the left hand of the fiancée that said “Yes”, it is a real representation of an enduring, real love, of everlasting romance and of a commitment to love someone forever. Nowadays, adding diamonds in wedding bands as well is a trend that aims to carry the meaningfulness of this gem into the lessons of marriage.

The Henri Maillardet Möbius collection, represented by the iconic Möbius symbol, illustrates this trend with a band of brilliant cut diamonds that cover the interior and exterior of the rings in the collection.  Through its unique design, this diamond jewellery collection manages to enhance the meaning of a wedding band: love meets eternity.

No matter the age and the value of diamonds at a given time, one thing will always be true about them: their power and universal appeal is drawn from a sense of exclusivity that will always have a place in society. Even if just in some corners of it.

DATE: 25.07.21 CATEGORY: Exclusive Jewellery Henri Maillardet AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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