5 Michelin-starred restaurants You should not miss in Europe

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The aspiration to earn a rightful place in Michelin’s influential guidebook is the main goal for every gourmet restaurant around the world.

Having the glamorous recognition of Michelin Star is an honour beyond all others, a very special distinction that is reserved only for the most exquisite restaurants. This award proves that the restaurant is being updated to the trendiest luxury dining delights and the latest delicacies, providing a high level of cuisine and service suitable for the most discerning food connoisseurs and serving the finest plates designed in unique ways.

Whether you are interested in eating delicious vegan dishes or want to enjoy sweet delicacies, let’s find out more about top 5 best Michelin-starred restaurants you should not miss in Europe.

1.    Azurmendi Restaurant – Larrabetzu, Spain


This is one of the top Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and even worldwide, being located in the beautiful town of Larrabetzu in Spain. The vision belongs to Chef Eneko Atxa, who aims to provide a perfect one-of-a-kind experience for every visitor. This restaurant is awarded with the highest Michelin star level and is also known for its eco-friendly operations, having nature all around and using it wisely and creatively in order to obtain unique and healthy dishes.

The restaurant offers a welcoming picnic served in a fairytale garden followed by a visit to the kitchen to see where ”the magic happens”. After that, the guests can enjoy a hearty meal in the dining area.

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2.    The Fat Duck – Bray, Berkshire, London, UK

The popularity of this restaurant has been gained due to Chef Heston Blumenthal, who masters some unique culinary techniques such as multi-sensory cooking, food pairing and flavour encapsulation. It started from the foundation of a XVI century cottage, in 1995, and has been beautifully renovated, managing to offer nowadays the most rustic and charming dining ambiance.

Picture by Jose Luis Lopez de Zubiria

This place is known for offering a variety of delicious dishes served in the most elegant way and of course for its 14-course tasting menu. Turtle Soup is the one that shouldn’t be missed, inspired from the theme “Alice in Wonderland”. A famous main-course among the frequent meals is The Sound of Sea dish that beautifully reflects the talent of the chef.

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3.    Osteria Francescana Restaurant – Modena, Italy

Chef Massimo Bottura is the star in this Michelin-starred restaurant, he is also the author of the international bestseller “Never Trust a Skinny Chef”. Classic Italian cuisine is presented here in a variety of styles, with its own contemporary twists that gives the dishes a special taste and flavour. Apart from national specific meals, some of the famous delicacies include Rabbit Macaroons and Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano. These extremely pleasant specialities are served in a very attractive way which transforms the act of eating into an extraordinary cuisine experience.

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In Salata di Mare
Picture by

4.    Bon Bon, Brussels, Belgium

This stylish two Michelin Star restaurant can be defined as a house of character specially chosen and decorated by chef Christophe Hardiquest together with his wife, aiming to imprint the excellence of the reception and to let their desire to share flourish. Traditional in its architecture and wooded grounds, this place was opened in 2001 and became one of the Belgian travel attractions, known for its delicious modernized traditional Belgian food.

matured celery oregami, stuffed with gouda cheese and buckwheat & white butter with capers
Picture by @bonbon_christophehardiquest

The cozy dining room has something of a ‘60s vibe and becomes the scene for a selection of menus that pay tribute to Belgian traditions, supplemented by plenty of contemporary flair. There is also a garden which lets the scents of aromatic plants spread, once the fine weather has come.

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5.    Mirazur, Menton, France

This French specific three Michelin-starred restaurant was opened by the Argentine Chef Mauro Colagreco in 2006. Unrivalled views of the French Riviera and the existence of the three levels of cascading vegetable gardens churning out the sweetest produce the ultimate restaurant experience.

The “Lunar Menu”, that came from the cycle of nature, is divided into four offerings – root, leaf, flower and fruit – based on seasonal adjustments. The spectacular dishes include creations such as a delicate rose built with San Remo prawns, or a striking combination of cucumber and nasturtium. 

Mirazur restaurant view by

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The aspiration to earn a rightful place in Michelin’s influential guidebook is the main goal for every gourmet restaurant around the world, so more and more culinary chefs are making efforts to excel in delivering delectable appetisers and delicious main courses. When travelling, make sure you won’t miss the restaurants above for a complete vacation experience and don’t forget to take the right Henri Maillardet jewellery with you.

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